5100 Series White Forged Cutlery  



Mundial's 5100 Series in white brings a touch of contemporary style to a classic assortment of fully forged cutlery.  Now chefs can equip their designer kitchens with this new look in high-performance gourmet cutlery.  The 5100 Series features knives and forks crafted from high-carbon stainless steel combined with a traditional, three-riveted poliacetal™ handle.  Also available in gift sets and block sets, the 5100 Series offers unprecedented design and performance in fully forged cutlery.

All open stock forged cutlery items are freight free in North America.

W5141-2 1/2 W5111-3 1/2 W5111-4 W5128-4E W5128-5E
2 1/2" Peeling 3 1/2" Paring 4" Paring 4" Steak-Serrated Edge 5" Steak-Serrated Edge
Internet: $22.00 Internet: $22.00 Internet: $22.00 Internet: $22.00 Internet: $25.00


W5111-6 W5111-6E W5121-8E W5110-8 W5110-10 W5111-8 W5153-7 W5140-10 W5166
6" Utility 6" Utility-Serrated Edge 8" Bread-Serrated Edge 8" Chef's 10" Chef's 8" Carving Carving Fork-Straight* 10" Sharpening Steel Take-A-Part Kitchen Shears*
Internet: $29.00 Internet: $29.00 Internet: $35.00 Internet: $40.00 Internet: $45.00 Internet: $35.00 Internet: $25.00 Internet: $25.00 Internet: $22.00

*Not Forged

Gift & Block Sets...

W5100-10 W5100-7
10 Piece Block Set 7 Piece Block Set
Set Contains:   2 1/2" Peeling, 3 1/2" Paring, 6" Utility-Serrated Edge, 8" Chef's, 8" Carving 8" Bread-Serrated Edge, 10" Steel, Carving Fork-Straight, Kitchen Shears & Wood Block Set Contains: 3 1/2" Paring, 6" Utility-Serrated Edge, 8" Chef's, 8" Bread-Serrated Edge, 10" Steel, Kitchen Shears & Wood Block
Internet: $199.99


Internet: $149.99



W5001-2 W5100-3
2 Piece Carving Set 3 Piece Starter Set
Set Contains: 8" Carving & Carving Fork-Straight Set Contains: 4" Paring, 6" Utility-Serrated Edge, 8" Chef's
Internet: $60.00 Internet: $91.00



W5130-4E W5130-5E
Four Piece 4" Steak Knife Set Four Piece 5" Steak Knife Set
Serrated Edge Serrated Edge
Internet: $88.00 Internet: $100.00


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