Space Wall System - Wire Grid 



Wire Grid Space Wall System ready to be customized to meet your requirements.


Grid Panels

All grids are 3" x 3" openings 1/4" steel wire.

Add suffix for finish:

 G (Gray)


Space-Wall is a system of wire grids that can be mounted directly on the wall or mounted on our Trac-Master system.  With the installation of Space-Wall you have now created a totally modular and flexible system that can be customized to meet your exact requirements today and changing needs in the future.


Size" Model # Size" Model #
18 x 36 WG1836 36 X 48 WG3648
18 X 48 WG1848 36 X 60 WG3660
18 X 60 WG1860 36 X 72 WG3672
24 X 48 WG2448 48 X 48 WG4848
24 X 60 WG2460 48 X 60 WG4860
24 X 72 WG2472 48 X 72 WG4872


       Direct to Wall         Mounting Brackets

Order one set per grid.  Chrome finish.  Model #WB2







E. Hook Arm - Model #AH5 16"L





H. Wood Shelf White Melamine Laminated
Size" Model #
12 x 36 AWS1236
12 x 48 AWS1248













A. Basket - 17 3/8 x 7 1/2 x 10
Model #ASW177
B. Document Holder - 12 3/8 x 2 1/2 x 10 3/5
Model #AH
C. Reel Holder
Size" Model # All accessories
12 AR12 are chrome
18 AR18 finished unless
24 AR24 shown different.

D. Shelf Bracket -Model #ASB12 Holds 12" shelf.






F. Hook Rail Bar -Model #ARB7 24"L with 7-5" L hooks





G. Peg Hook  
Size" Model #
4 APH4
6 APH6
8 APH8
10 APH10
12 APH12

I. Wire Shelf-Gray Epoxy J. Bin-Includes 4 hooks to mount on grid.
Size" Model # Size"

W x D x H

Model #
12 x 36 DR312 36 x 14 x 9 WB3149
12 x 48 DR412 48 x 19 x 9 WB4149
Dividers - Model #WD149     14"D x 9"H Fits both bins.
Bin Rail - 3 1/2" Wide Double Hook -Model #AWDH
Size" Model #
23 AWBR23
35 AWBR35
47 AWBR47
Single Hook -Model #AWSH



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