FÜRI® Tech Edge Knife Sharpening System    


   FÜRI® TECH EDGE™ Sharpening System

#FUR-629 Tech Edge Complete System:

Internet Price: $99.95 + Free Freight


The Tech Edge™ System is a big leap forward in knife sharpening technology, and is much faster and more accurate than the traditional sharpening and honing tools it replaces.  Tech Edge™ is not a gadget or "for the home" product: It was developed for working professional chefs, and is also perfect for home cooks.

The Tech Edge™ System consists of four innovative components, all with patents pending.  Each of the three sharpening components performs a different and complimentary sharpening function.  (All are suited to both left and right-handers.)  For perfect fine cutting edges, all three components are required.

  • The Tech Edge Restorer™ replaces the need to use a stone, and is faster and much more accurate.
  • Dragging the knife backwards through the tungsten carbide cutters several times will very quickly reshape a worn edge to knew perfect angles.
  • In a world-first, the tungsten carbide cutters are easily adjustable for different cutting edge angles.
  • The Tech Edge™ Diamond Fingers Sharpener with six industrial-diamond-coated spring fingers automatically set the correct cutting edge angles, and apply the same fine micro-serration as a diamond-coated steel.
  • The very sharp diamond coating will lightly reshape cutting edges, and at the same time apply a coarse honed finish that is perfect for cooks' knives.
  • The Tech Hone™ Fingers replaces the need to used a traditional hard-chrome Steel and is faster and much more accurately and quickly hone the cutting edge to a fine finish.
  • This fine edge is perfect for slicing, carving, filleting and small knives, or any knife that requires a very sharp and delicate edge.
  • Each of the Tech Edge™ sharpening components are easily slotted into and out of the innovative folding handle.
  • The handle folds flat for easy storage.
  • A guard protects the hand from injury from any accidental misguided blades.

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