Bag Sealers


Impulse Bag Sealers

  • Ideal for retail, produce, grocery stores, and industrial sealing.
  • Requires no warm-up, just plug it in and its ready to go.
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Adjustable time and light indicator lets you know when tight seal is ready.

Our Take... absolutely the best sealer we have ever seen.  The timer is the trick.  All the sealers we have sold would burn through thin plastic and not quite seal heavy plastic.  It relied on your mental timing.  This sealer on #1 is less than a second.  We can make a water tight bag and then seal it in less than a minute from Saran wrap.  Heavier plastic seals are almost indestructible.  Bags are no longer a problem.  Use, make or reseal any thickness of bag at any thickness in almost no minutes. 

If not satisfied, you may return this at no restock charge.

Shipped complete with two element strip rebuilding kits.  You won't need these very soon, so you may deduct $10 per sealer if you don't want them included in your order.

Item Description Electrical Weight Dimensions Internet Price
PFS-08 Manual Impulse Bag Sealer - 8" Bar 110V/60/1 6 lbs. 12.6" x 3" x 6" $78.00
PFS-12 Manual Impulse Bag Sealer - 12" Bar 110V/60/1 9 lbs. 18" x 3.4" x 7" $123.00
PFS-16 Manual Impulse Bag Sealer - 16" Bar 110V/60/1 12 lbs. 21.5" x 3" x 6.7" $153.00


Foot Operated Impulse Sealer

  • Hands free operation - speeds up sealing and packing
  • Foot switch provided for manual use.
  • Ideal for high volume and heavier industrial use.

Shipped with same rebuilding kits.

Item Description Electrical Weight Dimensions Internet Price
F350-2 14" Seal Bar, 2mm Seal Width 110V/60/1 42 lbs. 17.7" x 20" x 35" $383.00
F350-5 14" Seal Bar, 5mm Seal Width 110V/60/1 42 lbs. 17.7" x 20" x 35" $383.00


Poly Bag Sealers

  • These uniquely designed bag sealers incorporate an easy-to-use, one step operation in their design.
  • A self-contained blade used to trim the sealed end, will ensure uniformity.
  • For tapes up to 12 mm on 3" core
  • Ideal for food bags, storage bags, and various other applications.


Item Description Weight Dimensions Internet Price
SSSC Stainless Steel Poly Bag Sealer 2 lbs. 3" x 9.25" x 6" $35.00
PBS Poly Bag Sealer (Painted) 2 lbs. 3" x 9.25" x 6" $23.00
PBST Poly Bag Sealer Tape 1/2" x 133 ' Long $  1.75 each
PBST-DZ Poly Bag Sealer Tape - Dozen Pack 1/2" x 133 ' Long $1.50 each



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