EndoTherm for Commercial Use...

In 2005 (the most recent study available), America's supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants were forced to throw away 27 million tons of useable food (according to Timothy Jones, professor at the University of Arizona). Most of this waste is due to improper refrigeration, which can be fairly easily resolved.

Undercooling—and more commonly, overcooling—causes food, particularly produce, to expire up to several days prematurely. Businesses have no choice but to dispose of the expired products.

The EndoTherm:

The EndoTherm by Refrigeratorsaver is designed to ensure that the cooler's temperature is appropriately set. Doing so maximizes the life of the food, while minimizing waste. The EndoTherm requires no assembly or installation of any kind. By simply placing it in the cooler, it reads the temperature of the items inside, enabling the operator to adjust the power accordingly. Most of these institutions contain several to hundreds of coolers, all of which, if gauged correctly, will produce dramatically less food waste. Less food waste lowers the cost of food; lower cost brings in more customers. Recent economic turmoil has created a spike in the price of food and groceries. Supermarkets, convenient stores and restaurants that keep their prices down by reducing waste have a tremendous advantage over those that don't. Using the EndoTherm is the simplest and most effective way to create that advantage.

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