EndoTherm History...

Developed in the United Kingdom by Mr G. Lamstaes and Mr H. Banham, two highly recognized inventors that were recently listed in the Guardian Observers 50 people who could help save the planet, the EndoTherm is a revolutionary food thermometer that measures food temperature instead of air temperature.

Gain Greater Control on Food Safety

The secret to the EndoTherm is the silicone gel inside which accurately mimics the temperature of the food itself, not the temperature of the air like every other appliance or stand-alone thermometer. By correctly knowing the temperature of your food you'll know whether or not it is being stored at the recommended safe levels. As you are aware, poor storage of food leads to premature food waste, and more importantly can allow harmful bacteria to grow and multiply faster thus making your food dangerous for consumption.

The EndoTherm helps save Energy too

By accurately knowing the temperature of your food products, you'll be able to set the refrigerator, cooler, or freezer temperature correctly. In most applications, users of the EndoTherm were able to turn up the thermostat on their appliances which in turn uses less energy. A 1 change in your thermostat can help save you as much as 8% on energy use.

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