Restaurant/Bakery Equipment Request Guide

We get a hundred serious emails per week.  We would like to help everyone.  Most requests take a 10-mail exchange before conclusion, because of no clues in the initial mailings.

 We can do asphalt labs, dog food, play dough, face cream, …whatever, with some of our equipment.  Here are some of the clues to answer, so you don’t fall through the cracks and we can use our limited, mutual time to the greatest advantage.  We would rather not do a job at all, than do it half right.  Remember, unique requests and problems are good.  Standard restaurants and bakeries, without clues are bad.  Many of our potential customers want assistance on what size of equipment to purchase.  We are happy to assist with your decisions when you include enough information for us to help.

    ·  Gas or electric?

·  Manual or automatic?

·  Voltage & phase?

·  Country or USA state?

·  How much product per hour or shift?

·  How many seats in restaurant?

·  What menu?

·  What is trade area population?

·  What are environment conditions?

A. Beside a school?

B. Next to freeway?

C. No competition – on a campus?

D. Only American or ethnic food in area?

If you are outside the USA, please say so.  220V here is not 220V there for certain electrical reasons.  We can still help, but don’t assume things will interchange electrically.  

Contact us with your questions and/or requests.  We are always glad to help. :-)

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