Independent American Food Machinery Limited

Factory - Prachinburi Province, Thailand

Joint-Venture  Management Team

     Our South East Asian company is based in Bangkok, Thailand.  Our three acre factory is located in Prachinburi Province in a duty free zone sixty miles from port. The factory/duty free zone was designed to export to your country at the lowest cost possible and in many cases even cheaper than from the USA direct.

    This factory is a rebuilder of American food equipment along with importing and distribution of new equipment, both retail and wholesale.

    We will also handle complete service on most machines, both American and European. 

    Our line of new American refrigeration is Continental, which will carry a one year warranty in Thailand.

    We will ship from the USA or from the Thailand factory at reduced shipping rates to all of Asia and beyond.  

International Personnel

Bangkok Office USA Office
Dr. Jimmy J. Rattanamastip - Chairman Mr. Steven R. Croonquist - President
Phone: (662) 890-5919 (hunting 20 numbers) Phone: (509) 924-9242
FAX: (662) 890-5511 FAX: (509) 924-9247
Email:  Email:
Mobile: 661-837-3080


Factory Shipping (Import & Export)
Mr. Thanetphon Supwattanasakul Mr. Chaiyut Jeampasert
Phone/FAX (6637) 291674 Phone: (662) 890-5919 ext. 204
Mobile: 661-637-8529 Mobile: 661-632-7467


Marketing Technician & Servicing
Mr. Somphoj Boonthanakron Mr. Seksan Thongsrikam
Phone: (662) 890-5919 ext. 203 Mr. Tipat Thongsom
Mobile: 661-458-0695 Phone: (662) 890-5919 ext. 207
Mobile: 661-819-6351, 661-867-3078


Accounting Internet Coordinators
Miss Norlaluk Saeoue Ms. Samorn Paktra - Thailand
Phone: (662) 890-5919 ext.201 Phone: (662) 890-5919 ext. 202
Mobile: 661-837-3079 Mobile: 661-617-4395
Ms. Susan Evans - USA Webmaster
Phone: (509) 327-8855