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Labor-Saving Full Gravity Feed Fleetwood Master Vegetable Cutter

Fleetwood's Master Processor will cut between 300-1200 lbs. per hour, depending on your product. 

(You think it won't do strawberry slices without crushing them? Just call us for our guarantee!)

Slice, dice, shred, grate and julienne cuts.  This machine can be purchased with any of the 30 blades separately. Click on the thumbnail picture below to view available blades.

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Modern Design, Easy to Clean Features

SAFETY FEATURE: Motor stops automatically when hopper is opened.



  • Overall Dimensions: 12 1/2"L  x 10 1/4"W

  • Base Dimensions: 12 1/2"L  x 10 1/4"W

  • Finish: Stainless

  • Motor: 1/2 HP, 115/60/1 - 1HP, 230/60/1

  • Net Weight: 56 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight: 62 lbs.


Internet Price: $1690.00 + freight

Technically advanced vegetable cutting machine MASTER satisfies the modern and increasing demands for the preparation of vegetables, fruits, cheese, etc.  Automatic Discharge saves time.

The MASTER, thanks to the available wide range of interchangeable discs, slices, dices, grates, granulates, and shreds quickly and accurately, without altering the natural qualities of the products.

The tubular feed-throat can be used to cut long shaped vegetables.

The base is stainless steel, where as the frame and the cover, easily detachable, are made of anodized special alloy "Peraluman".

Stainless steel shaft.  The discs have stainless steel bushings and are fitted with easily removable stainless steel blades and grids, assuring hygiene cleaning.

 Heavy Duty Bulk Shredders




  PA-11   PA141
  • 1 HP

  • 500 RPM

  • 115/60/1

  • Adaptable to 115-230/60/1

  • Stainless Steel Feed Chute, Anodized Aluminum Hopper

  • 11" Discs

  • Disc Options: Shredding (1/8", 3/16", 3/8") Grating (V11) Slicing (1/16", 1/8")

  • Dimensions: 31" x 16" x 18"

  • Ship Wt.: 65 lbs.

  • Internet Price: $1180.00

  • 2 HP - 115/60/1 V

  • Bulk Shredder & Grater - Food Chute Holds Full Blocks of Mozzarella, Jack and Cheddar Cheeses

  • Floor Model for Perfect Working Height

  • 48" x 24" x 22"

  • 6" x 6" Feed Chute

  • Oversized 13" Shredding Discs

  • Standard Machine Comes With 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" Shredding Discs

  • Optional Hard Grating Disc

  • Ship Wt.: 193 lbs.

  • Internet Price: $1675


Vertical Cutter Mixers for EVERY need...






  • All three have a safety switch if bowl or safety cover are not in place.
  • All basic parts are stainless steel and are designed for easy cleaning.
  • Models CT35 and CT5 bowls easily lift off while the VB-R bowl both tilts for pouring and lifts off.

Model CT35 and CT5 Specifications:

The CT35 and CT5 cutter is equipped with a very strong heavy duty electric motor coupled to high velocity gearing to obtain optimum results in a short time.

The bowl has a capacity of 3.5 liters or 5 liters.  The cutting blades are made of high tempered stainless steel.  They are positioned on two planes, higher and lower.  This design enables various types of operation, with optimum results.

During work the lower blade clears the bottom of the bowl leaving it clear of the product.  The clear heavy duty plastic cover allows complete view of the work during operation.  The opening on top of the bowl is adequately protected to stop any foreign matter entering during work.

Model Voltage H.P. Capacity   Weight Dimensions
CT35 110/60/1 1/2 3.5 Liters 3.7 Qts. 25 lbs. 11" x 10" x 20"
CT5 110/60/1 1/2 5 Liters 5.5 Qts. 32 lbs. 21" x 24" x 21"

Model VB-R Specifications:

10 Qt. Tilting bowl designed for vertical cutting and mixing: mix, chop, blend, puree and knead dough.
  • 10 Qt. Stainless Steel bowl holds 3 #10 cans of food.
  • Bowl tilts for quick and easy emptying of bowl

  • Bowl easily removable for cleaning
  • Unit will not operate unless lid is properly positioned.
  • Opening in lid for adding liquids.
  • Available in 1 speed single phase (1400 RPM) or 2 speed three phase (1400 and 2800 RPM)

The VB-R Vertical Cutter Blender was designed to solve the problems of cutting, mincing, kneading, emulsifying, whipping, etc. various types of food stuff.

The action of the rotating blades allows a quick and simple operation by keeping all organic properties of the products completely intact.

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Finish: Bowl, motor housing and tilting     stand - all stainless steel

Bowl Capacity: 10 Qts. - 2.5 gallons

Electrical: 208/240 volts, 7 amps 1 phase - 7-9 amps 3 phase

Motor: Single Phase: 2 h.p. 1400 RPM Three Phase: Low Speed - 2 h.p. 1400 RPM

                   High Speed - 2.5 h.p. 2800 RPM

Switch: Magnetic Safety Switch - push button controls

Weight: 90 lbs. net

Shipping Weight: 110 lbs.


  Commercial Blenders

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