Food Merchandising Equipment


  Pizza & Hot Food Merchandisers...

  • Stimulate added sales of your fresh pizza and other hot foods.
  • Tiered units are ideal for holding and displaying up to 3 products at once, holding them at controlled temperatures for better flavor and appearance.
  • For added appeal, merchandisers feature contemporary signage to enhance presentation.
  • Stainless steel, tempered glass construction.
  • Lighted interior and attractive signage give added impact.
  • Water reservoir keeps foods moist.
  • Other rack styles available.

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European Display Cases...

  • More than just a heated merchandiser, each of these models features a French curved glass case the enhances presentation and creates impulse sales.
  • Glass conveniently tilts forward for easy cleaning.
  • Rear sliding glass doors can be quickly removed for cleanup as well.
  • Brushed stainless steel and tempered glass construction combine quality appearance with durability.
  • Extra-large water reservoir controls humidity, while thermostatic controls hold a temperature range of 100F-220F.
  • Metal sheath elements are located in the base unit and a convection fan distributes heat evenly.
  • Adjustable 4" legs and adapter bar let you customize your presentation.
  • Ideal for food courts, kiosks, coffee shops, supermarkets & convenience stores.

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Heated Display Cases...

  • Show off your pastries, baked goods and fried foods!
  • Choose from six models to meet your needs, including a pass-through model for self-serve access.
  • Stainless steel construction and sliding tempered glass doors provide both neat appearance and long life.
  • Three removable shelves enhance presentation, and the pull-out crumb tray makes cleanup a snap.
  • Thermostat control up to 200F.
  • Also available with two 40-watt bulbs for product illumination and a water reservoir for humidity control.

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Pretzel Merchandisers...



  • Your pretzels are a real hot item with these attractive merchandisers.
  • Two or three-tiered racks hold dozens of fresh, toasty pretzels that look absolutely tempting under the infrared overhead lights.
  • For added appeal, merchandisers feature contemporary signage to enhance presentation.
  • Cabinets are constructed of brushed stainless steel (except model #6403) and tempered glass for added durability and easy cleaning.
  • Advanced models offer thermostatic control up to 200F and incorporate a water reservoir to maintain humidity.
  • Every unit has operating instructions clearly printed on the control panel.

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