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Hood Layout 1 Hood with Make-Up Air Hood without Make-Up Air
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Exhaust Duct Chase Detail 1 Hood Layout 2 Exhaust Duct Chase Detail 2


Our hoods have the approvals listed to the national standards.  Our fans have a 3-year limited warranty and also to those standards.

Disclaimer: You must copy our specifications and deliver to your building, mechanical, or fire department for final approval within your city or county and state.  They may not require you to meet national code OR may demand additional requirements not listed on our page.

Also consider:  Grease laden air (Class I or A) or vapor (Class II or B).

We will be glad to help with any of your requirements.

Hood Filters - Stainless Steel

Item  Description Internet Price
#HF-1620 Stainless Steel Filter - 16" W x 20" H - Stock Item $36.00
#HF-1625 Stainless Steel Filter - 16" W x 25" H - Special Order $39.00
#HF-2016 Stainless Steel Filter - 20" W x 16" H - Special Order $36.00
#HF-2020 Stainless Steel Filter - 20" W x 20" H - Special Order $40.95
#HF-2025 Stainless Steel Filter - 20" W x 25" H - Special Order $42.00


Contact us to answer your questions or fill your order.

No Shopping Basket?  We prefer the personal touch, and so will you, when you are requesting the thousands of items we carry, not on our pages yet.   We will customize your shopping by giving you a personal response to fit your individual needs.  And yes, we do accept most major credit cards, PayPal, and personal checks.  We try to be ahead of most baskets in personal service. Toll free: 877-828-4616

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