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BSPIZO 12"x24"

BSCAPO-1 12"x24"

FUDGE 12"x24"

BSBARWO 12"x24"

COCKTAIL 12"x24"

COFE-CUP 12"x24"

MARGARIT 12"x24"

GRILLE 12"x24"

MEX-CAFE 12"x24"

LATTE 12"x24"

HOTBAGES 12"x24"

TEQUILA 12"x24"

LIQUOR 12"x24"
VEGEFOOD 12"x24"
LUNCHSPE 12"x24"
BSFREO 12"x24"

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All signs can be ordered four different ways (1-2-3 and double-sided) and various sizes from 6" x 24" to 42" x 72"


Made to satisfy the individual needs of business owners.  There are over 450 standard sign designs for a variety of industries, including different fonts and larger sizes.  

  • 12"H x 24"W

  • 18"H x 36.5"W



This is an extension to the standard message sign.  It included an OPEN sign at the bottom of the sign with an ON/OFF switch.  The top portion stays lit, advertising your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

  • 18"H x 24"W

  • 24"H x 36.5"W


This is an extension to the standard message sign.  It includes your PHONE number at the bottom of the sign.

  • 18"H x 24"W

  • 24"H x 36.5"W

Other Indoor Lighted Signs Available...

Automotive Copy, Fax, Photo Drink/Coffee
Electronic Foreign Language General Business
Health/Beauty Hotel/Motel Oversize Food


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