Hobart® Mixer Parts


Food Equipment International in association with Independent Restaurant & Bakery Equipment   can provide many obsolete Hobart® Mixer parts.


We can help you locate or even manufacture obsolete items, even if you do not have the specific model number for your machine. Simply provide us with the machine's height, horsepower, shifting speeds, and the "bowl arm" pin-to-pin measurement.

We will also cast any attachment from a pattern sent to us. We can provide complete Planetaries for S601-S60- S30- S301.
*See cut away picture below for more information on internal parts.

Attachments are available for most Hobart® mixers from the late 1800's to 1998 machines.

Click here to view a cut away of a Hobart® mixer.

If your Hobart® looks like this, we manufacture parts and attachments:


Bowls Brake disks
Paddles Upper Shaft Ring Gears
Exchange Whips Lower Shaft Head Gears (dealer only)
Motor Brushes & most everything else! Planetary Attachment Unit Diagram

Click here to view mixer attachments and prices.        

Click here to view mixer whip exchange program.

Click here to view mixer bowl exchange program.

Click here to view new SS mixer bowls.

Click here to view Hobart Lubricants available.


  Planetary Exchange Program - We send you a rebuilt planetary and you return your worn out assembly.  The cost is $495 + freight, providing it is not broken.  If your planetary is in good condition and only has a broken shaft, they are in stock for immediate shipment at $168 + freight.

Used Obsolete Mixer Parts - Click Here!  

Parts & Components for Hobart Mixers - Click Here!

Contact us if you need an old Hobart® Mixer Manual.  We may have what you are looking for.     

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