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Food Equipment International can provide new  machinery world wide, based on availability and location. We specialize in hard-to-find new and used items and some parts. Check out our Restaurant Equipment Request Guide, then E-mail us your questions below and we'll help you locate the item you're looking for:

American Range Quality Cooking Equipment

American Range is one of the finest ranges in the industry.  At 32,000 BTU per burner, it's one of the quickest. With its speed, the range is a must for busy restaurant and hotel kitchens.

The lineup of cooking equipment is divided into 3 main categories:

Hotel Series   * Restaurant Series   *   Residential Series


Medallion Series - Hotel Lineup



Restaurant Series Examples ... Click on thumbnail pictures for larger view.




Something New! Slide-in Cook Top...

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Residential Series Example

                                     Configuration Options


With well over 100 cooking items and as many options, there are many selections still to be added to our site.

We will be glad to provide our discounted price on any of the 100 items, give an estimated freight, and of course, a guaranteed freight before purchase.   Ask us about options on any one of these or variations on any product. 

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Here are the items available:

Medallion Heavy Duty Front Manifold Hotel Ranges:
  • 11" wide filler units
  • 17" wide filler units
  • 34" wide Range Series (Open Burners, Hot plates, Griddles, Broilers and French Top)
  • Salamander & Cheesemelters
  • Spreader Tops w/storage base of modular top
  • Heavy Duty Fryers
  • Infrared Steakhouse Broilers
  • Modular Equipment Stands
  • Heavy Duty Back Guards
  • Heavy Duty Back Guards with Shelves

Heavy Duty Restaurant Ranges:

  • Custom Combination Ranges - 24", 30", 36", 48", 60", & 72" wide with French Top
  • Radiant Broilers with Range
  • Step-up Open Burners with Range
  • Range Match Fryers

Convection Ovens:

  • Single Deck-Manual Controls
  • Single Deck-Cook-n-Hold Controls
  • Double Deck-Manual Controls
  • Double Deck-Cook-n-Hold Controls
  • Double Deck-1 Cook-n-Hold & 1 Manual Control
  • Computerized & Manual Control Panel Info


  • 25 lb. Split Pot Deep Fat Fryer
  • 40 lb. Deep Fat Fryer
  • 50 lb. Deep Fat Fryer
  • 75 lb. Deep Fat Fryer
  • Range Match Fryer

Hot Plates:

  • Heavy Duty Hot Plates
  • Heavy Duty Step-up Hot Plates

Stock Pot Stoves:

  • Economy Stock Pots
  • Heavy Duty Stock Pots

Specialty Equipment:

  • Compact Convection Ovens
  • Tempura Wok Ranges
  • Mandarin Wok Ranges
  • Chinese Pork roasters
  • Chinese Ranges
  • Vertical Broilers
  • Chicken Rotisseries
  • Mongolian Barbeque Grills


Features and Options:
  • Range Features & Specifications
  • Optional Accessories
  • Oven Base Comparisons
  • Convection Oven Features
  • Fryer Features & Options
  • Fryer Accessories

Specialty Ranges:

  • Low Boy Ovens
  • Double Stack Ovens
  • Lamb Ovens
  • Tri-Level Ovens

Infra-Red Broilers:

  • Infra-Red Salamander Broilers
  • Infra-Red Cheesemelter Broilers
  • HD/High Efficiency Steakhouse Broilers
  • Infra-Red Overfired Radiant Kebob Broilers

Upright Overfired Broilers:

  • Infra-R Upright Overfired Steakhouse broilers


  • Char-Rock Broilers
  • Economy Radiant Broilers
  • Randian Char Broilers
  • Shish Kebob Broilers
  • Adjustable Top Radiant Broilers
  • Mesquite Wood Broilers
  • Horizontal Chicken Broilers
  • Radiant Broilers w/Range


  • Manual Control Griddles
  • Manual Control Griddles w/Open Burners
  • Thermostatic Control Griddles
  • Thermostatic Control Griddles w/Open Burners
  • Custom Thermostatic Griddles
  • Snap Action Griddles
  • Concessionary Griddles
  • Teppan-Yaki Griddles
  • Thermostatic Control Grooved Griddles
  • Raised Griddle Broilers









Griddles/Grills Hot Plates


Heavy Duty

Teppan-Yaki Griddles

Click pictures for Specs





Click pictures for Specs




  • 115V Hot Plate

  • 1500 Watts

  • 8" Element

  • 15" x 15" x 7"

  • $162.50




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