Re-Tin Bowl Exchange for Hobart Compatible*



Bowl Size


  Bowl Size Price
5 quart $28.00      
10 quart (C10) $30.00      
10 quart (C100) $30.00      
12 quart $35.00   12/20 Call for pricing.
15 quart $45.00      
20 quart $55.00      
30 quart $65.00      
40 quart $80.00      
60 quart $120.00   601 Call for pricing.
80 quart $160.00      
100 quart $210.00      
140 quart $280.00      

Please call toll free(877-828-4616) to discuss the quality of your bowl, to insure we exchange like for like.  Any misrepresentation will be billed accordingly.  You are welcome to our free (excluding shipping) loaner program to insure you receive your own bowl back, if you wish.


Obsolete Non-Hobart Replacement Bowls

*We have over 400 bowls in stock from 30 quart to 160 quart,  from the early 1900's to 1950.  We have kind of lost track down through the years of the hundreds of models and all the dimensions of all the manufacturers.  Send us an accurate drawing or picture of your bowl by FAX (509-924-9247) or email and we may have a replacement for you.

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