Baker's Rotary Gas Oven

Similar units come up us for availability.

This Paul Reed oven was shut off less than 30 days ago and the bank has asked our assistance in liquidation. 

Rebuilt and repainted, this unit resells for $10,000. ($25,000 if new)

Time is of the essence on removal.  The price is $2500.

What you get besides the oven:

We strongly suggest you fly in (Spokane, WA) and assist.  This takes all the mystery out of this project and you can supervise the re-assembly along with the video.  Dimensions and pictures available upon request.

Available between June 12, 2003 and last tentative removal date - July 4, 2003.

Contact us to answer questions or fill your order.  

Toll free: 877-828-4616

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