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The Slow Cook Convection Oven of Choice

If you need it done, Royalton can do it...breads, apple pie, roast beef or poultry to a golden brown, seafood, potatoes, slow cooking, warming, humidity, proofing, and transport. 

Do you refrigerate all the roast beef, ham & ribs at the end of the day only to reheat and cook the next?  Why, when Royalton will hold overnight with no loss of moisture at a legal temperature and no additional shrink or cooking? Rare today, rare tomorrow, or even Tuesday!  Still have leftovers?  Hold another day for perfect product.  

We can do it to your satisfaction and do it well. 


Royalton Whisper Touch™  * Double Stacked Holding Cabinet
Is this what you want in one oven?  If not, we'll send you two different Royalton ovens at a great discount and stack them.







Royalton Whisper Touch  
  • Enhance the quality of food with Whisper Touch heated air, enough to maintain temperature, but not enough to dry out the food.
  • Ideal for all fried foods, bulk pans of entrees and side dishes, even boxed pizza.
  • All cabinets feature heavy duty insulation for maximum heat retention, are thermostatically controlled and provide precise temperature control, and will stand up to years of rugged use.
  • For ease of cleaning and maintenance, all models have removable interiors that allow total cleaning ability.



Call* or email** us today for specifications on any one of the dozens of ovens and options.

*Toll free: 877-828-4616

The Royalton Factory has authorized us to sell the few scratch, dent, & demo ovens used in your restaurant demonstration.  These units carry a full factory warranty and of course, the defects are described to you and carry a like discount.

All previous Royalton buyers have first chance and then it is first come, first serve.  Call us today on the units available or call for a demonstration.  Buy one and you are automatically registered for the first available scratch and dent for the backroom.

** Contact us to answer questions or fill your order.


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