Shelving Parts and Accessories 







Width" Model #
18 AE18C
21 AE21C
24 AE24C

Safety Push Handles...make maneuvering simple.  Keep hands within cart width preventing bumps with walls and objects.  Can be used to customize carts or shelving units 84" high and 74" long.  Just add a handle to whatever your cart needs. Chrome finish.


Stem Casters

Resilient Rubber Wheel

1 1/4" x 5",  200 lb. Capacity per Wheel

  Model #

Swivel (Set of 4)

Swivel w/Brake (Set of 4)

Swivel 2 w/Brake (Set of 4)




Rubber Swivel Rubber Swivel w/Brake


      Polyurethane Swivel      Polyurethane Swivel w/Brake Polyurethane Rigid Pneumatic Swivel


Polyurethane Wheel

1 1/4" x 5", 300 lb. capacity per wheel

Model #   Pneumatic Wheel

2.5" x 8", 300 lb. capacity per wheel

Model #
Swivel (Set of 4) CA5S4   2 Swivel, 2 Rigid (Set of 4)


Swivel w/Brake (Set of 4) CA5BP4      
Swivel, 2 w/Brake (Set of 4) CA5SB      
Swivel, 2 w/Brake, 2 Rigid (Set of 4) CA5RSB*      


Rigid stem casters require the use of a tie bar to assure rigid caster alignment.  The bar connects the casters across the narrow width dimension of the cart or truck.  for every two casters ordered, one tie bar must be used.  Finished in chrome.  The bar size must match the shelf width.
                  Tie Bars


    SIZE"         Model #
18 ATB18
21 ATB21
24 ATB24


More parts and accessories available.  See various post sizes available on single shelf page. Click here.


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