Spiral Fry Cutters - Electric


  Now you can french fry the entire potato-no waste-including the nutritionally rich skins.  All the vitamins, minerals and protein are retained, while all the great flavor comes through with every order.
  • Mounts in any direction on virtually an flat surface.
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel and engineered plastics.
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Patented design assures reliable, long life operation.
  • Heavy-duty electric power motor operates on standard 60 cycle, 120 volt AC current.  Just plug into AC outlet.
  • Replacement parts available quickly.


  • Overall length - 22"
  • Width - 10"
  • Height - 10"
  • Shipping Weight - 25 lbs.

The fastest, easiest way to cut fresh whole potatoes into fun spirals that fry up fast to a full-flavored golden brown.  They are the most profitable fries you can serve, plus they look like double orders on the plate!  Just load the potato, apply pressure and move the carriage forward.



Fresh new twist!  As one continuous  thin-sliced curl of potato, "Ribbon Fries" try to make a fresh, exciting, highly profitable addition to your menu!  Just one whole unpeeled Russet potato made all the plate filling, Ribbon Fry spirals shown in the photo above.  Great as a taste tempting side dish or snack, serve Ribbon Fries hot with vinegar, melted cheese or catsup.  They're fast, easy, and a real crowd pleaser!

Electric Spiral Cut                    N55150-AC
  • 60 Cycle: List: $1640.00           Internet: $910.00
  • 50 Cycle: List: $1900.00      Internet: $1160.00
  Electric Ribbon Cut               N55150-AR
  • 60 Cycle: List: $1640.00 Internet: $910.00
  • 50 Cycle: List: $1900.00 Internet: $1160.00

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