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The Sushimen's Line of knives is made of stainless steel to meet the highest standards of performance.  Each knife is properly balanced to concentrate the weight in its blade, thereby enabling it to deliver greater cutting force with a minimum of effort.



The art of sushi making requires precision tools - each one designed for a specific purpose.  That's why the SushiMen's Line includes all five types of sushi knives:

All open stock forged cutlery items are freight free in North America.

Item Description Internet Price
4905-10" Yanagi Bocho $60.00
4901-6" Kazari Bocho $35.00
4906-8 3/4" Yanagi Bocho $50.00
4907-9 1/4" Tachi Bocho $60.00
4904-7" Deba Bocho $75.00
4903-6" Deba Bocho $50.00
4902-6" Yasai Bocho $45.00

100% money back return if not satisfied within 20 days (minus freight).  Lifetime Warranty.

Gift Sets...Discontinued

4900-2 4900-3
2 Piece Starter Set 3 Piece Starter Set
Set Contains: 8 3/4" Yanagi Bocho & 6" Yasai bocho


Set Contains: 6" Deba Bocho,  8 3/4" Yanagi Bocho &6" Yasai Bocho  


Internet: $99.99 Internet: $143.00

Other Japanese Cutlery...

Item Description Internet Price
#JK-01 Paring Knife - 5" Blade

9 1/2" overall length -

#JK-02 Santoku Knife - 6 1/2" Blade

12" overall length

#JK-03 Nakiri Knife - 6 1/2" Blade

12" overall length

#JK-04 Deba Knife - 6" Blade

11" overall length

#JK-05 Sashimi Knife - 8" Blade

13" overall length




Japanese Tabletop

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