Thermometers- Liquid & Dial


Digital Pocket Thermometer

This lightweight pocket test thermometer includes an On/Off battery saver switch and an extra large digital readout with instant one second update.  It is constructed with a food safe stainless stem and a flat edge non-roll case.

Item  Description Internet Price
THDP302 Pocket Thermometer

-40 to 300 F


Liquid Oven Thermometer

Durable folding metal case.  Standing or hanging design.

Item  Description Internet Price
OT600K Folding Liquid Oven Thermometer 100 to 600 F $10.95

Horizontal Liquid Scale Refer Thermometer

Non-corrosive plastic case. Magnified Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.  NSF approved.

Item Description Internet Price
THRE50L Liquid Scale Refer Thermometer -40 to 80F  4 1/2" Long $3.95

1" Pocket Thermometer

Stainless steel construction with calibration hex nut.  Concave polycarbonate lens for easy reading.  Handy storage sleeve and pocket clip included.  NSF approved. 


Item  Description Internet Price
THP180 Pocket Thermometer    40 to 180    Individual Box $3.95
THP220 Pocket Thermometer     0 to 220 Individual Box $3.95
THP550 Pocket Thermometer     50 to 550 Individual Box $3.95

Liquid Deep Fry Candy Thermometer

Stainless steel construction with cool plastic handle.  Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

Item Description Internet Price
THCF120L Liquid Deep Fry/Candy Thermometer 100 to 400F $8.95


Grill Top Thermometer

Preheating the grill before cooking will help retain the flavor of the food and sear in the juices, without burning the food.

Item Description Internet Price
THGT-20 Grill Top Thermometer       2" Dial    150 to 700F      NSF Listed $7.20

  Frothing Thermometer

Item Description Internet Price
THFR-17 Frothing Thermometer            1 3/4" dial with clip   

30 to 220F       NSF Listed



Dial Deep Fry/Candy Thermometer

Stainless steel construction with tempered glass lens.  Adjustable indicator arrow and handy pan clip features.  5" stem. NSF listed.

Item  Description Internet Price
THCF-20D Dial Deep Fry/Candy Thermometer  100 to 400F $6.25

Dial Meat Thermometer

Rugged stainless steel construction with tempered glass lens.  Adjustable indicator arrow with Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.  5" stem.  NSF listed.

Item  Description Internet Price
THM-20 Dial Meat Thermometer 130 to 190 F $6.25


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